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Budget Birthday Celebration – Louise’s 5th Birthday Cost

August 21, 2017

When I was still single, month of August for me was nothing but a month to prepare my coming birthday on September. This has changed 5 years ago. The moment Louise came into this world, I knew it’s the start of a new chapter of my life – motherhood. From then on, August marks both a birthday celebration for my eldest and my anniversary of being a mom (some call it mommy’s birthday).

Time flies very fast indeed. It feels like we just celebrated her first birthday and in a blink of an eye, she’s now a healthy, bubbly and happy 5-year old kid. We always thank God for giving her to us, changing our lives forever. Oh how we love this sweet little girl!



For her birthday this year, we decided to celebrate simply, which means no party, nothing extravagant. We just ordered the following and celebrated at Cebu Westown Lagoon and voila! – she surely had a blast!

  • McDonalds Happy Meal for classmates and friends with chocolates inside = Php3,800
  • Red Ribbon Cake = Php500
  • Frozen-themed cake (Elsa) = Php899
  • Dinner (Lechon manok and baboy) = Php1000
  • Cebu Westown Lagoon Entrance fee (Free cottage) = Php 1700 (Php300 x 5  adults + Php200 for 1 kid)

Total: Php7,899

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