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Desire in Long-Term Relationships: Finding It and Keeping It

August 15, 2019

Couples that have been successful in their relationship have many desires that they continuously quench. Experts in relationships agree that this is one of the main reasons why they have been successful in staying together. Long-term desires require commitment and sacrifice. Some need financial support if they are to be fulfilled appropriately.

For a couple that does not know what desires they have, it is time to assess their life again or even talk to a counselor who will help to elaborate.

Understanding More About Desire in Relationships

Most of the genuine desires in a long-term relationship complement each other perfectly. Without them, the other factors will remain inadequate. Thus, they must all be successful. It calls for the efforts of both partners to fulfill them in the right way. Couples that meet their desires remain happy, satisfied, and their love grows more. Here are the main desires that couples have in a long-term relationship.

Safety and Security

If your current relationship, whether you are married or dating, is something that you want to keep forever, then you need to feel safe and secure in it. Both partners would like to have an assurance that their partner is not just about to walk away from them.

Relationships that are not sure whether they will last the next minute never yield satisfying intimacy or closeness. This is one of the biggest fears for many people, especially when their partner is unpredictable.


When anyone is engaging in a relationship, intimacy is on top of their list of desires. Couples in a long-term relationship that have a shaky intimacy life is likely to end at any time. If not, it is full of dishonesty, mistrust, and lies. If you are involved in platonic intimacy with a special friend, this is a sign that it will remain a major desire even when the two of you have moved things to another level.

True Love

After long-term commitment, every couple wants to experience the true love that they have always read about in books and watched in movies. Although it is not as easy as many people think, true love is real and there are many couples who have fulfilled this desire. But deep down in the hearts of all couples, there is a desire to enjoy the benefits that come with true love.

Keeping the Desires

Long-term relationships are not a bed of roses. They are surrounded by challenges that cause desires to fade with time. But a committed couple can keep their desires alive and even fulfill them.

First, let your partner know what your desires are and ask about theirs. Because both of you know the other’s desires, it will be easy to make them happen. Another way to keep desire going is to spend time alone. People see, understand, and plan their desires in the absence of their partner. So, why not take some time away from your partner?


Desires in long-term relationships are real. They need to be fulfilled for a couple to remain happy. Luckily, you now know what the main desires are and how to keep them alive. It is time to give it a try and see how it will change your long-term relationship.

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