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3 Tips to Have a Simple Yet Romantic Wedding Anniversary Celebration

October 17, 2015

Wow 4 years has passed by but I feel like our wedding was just yesterday! Well, I guess this saying is true after all: ‘Time goes faster when we’re having FUN!’.

Our wedding

For the past 2 years, Fred and I had our wedding anniversary celebrations in hotels. Yes, we love staycations! Who wouldn’t be? It’s like having our honeymoon over and over again! Besides, it’s the only time we as parents, can forget about our home duties. No meal preparations to think about,  just a very nice pool and a relaxing bed! Our first celebration though was a simple dinner date because I just gave birth that time. Our energy and wallets were just so limited!

For our 2nd and 3rd celebrations, we stayed at Radisson Blu Hotel and in Marco Polo Hotel, respectively. We had so much fun as a family in those places, not only our bodies were recharged, also our marriage.

Iway Family at Radisson Blu Hotel, Cebu City

Iway Family at Radisson blu hotel

Louise at Radisson Blu - overlooking view

Iway Family at Marco Polo Hotel, Cebu City

Iway Family at Marco Polo

Louise at Marco Polo


This year though, since we’re very serious with our savings, we celebrated in the simplest way we could think of with a budget of not more than P1,000. Here’s what we did which might be applicable for you my dear readers:

  1. Give a card/letter – proven and tested, quite old-school but this has melted my heart. Fred surprised me with this message, very simple yet, I was deeply touched.

Surprise Message

No money paid as he just used our printer (I scolded him unintentionally because of the printer. I told him he should have used the black color, thinking he’s printing a sample invitation for one of our clients, haha my bad!)


  1. Write a poem – again, very old-school. We all know the saying ‘the way through a man’s heart is through his stomach’, right? But do you also know that a well-thought love poem will buy you a ticket to your beloved’s heart? So if you’re not a good cook then get your pen and notebook ready and start your ideas and emotions pouring out! I did this, did not spend a single peso and here’s what I created:

Wedding Anniversary Poem


Fred was surprised, he said it was indeed an effective way to make it up with him, considering I have done the scolding drama (see no.1).


  1. Simple dinner yet, romantic – if you always love fast food, try to skip it on special dates and choose an affordable place for fine dining. I admit we’re a fan of fast food but for special occasions, we see ourselves trying a restaurant that we haven’t tried before. We don’t spend big because we only order 2-3 viands and normally forget about desserts. So for this year, we’ve chosen Cafe Laguna at Northwing, SM Cebu City. Here’s their menu by the way:

Cafe Laguna Menu

Cafe Laguna Menu 2


And here’s what we just ordered amounting to P950.

Tenderloin Tips - Cafe Laguna

Crispy Pata - cafe Laguna

Soup of the day - cafe Laguna


So for P950, we ended our day happy, contented and well, more determined to grow old together!

Dinner at Cafe Laguna SM Cebu


For your wedding anniversaries, if your budget is small and you want to opt for fast food  then go for it! But I would really suggest to show more effort in showing your sweetness. You can buy/pick flowers if you want, sing for her/him. Sounds corny but believe me, doing these things are vital in every relationship/marriage.

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