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3 Proven Tricks to Get Your Kids To Drink Water

October 29, 2015

If you have read one of my previous articles about motherhood, you would know how picky eater my Louise is. She’s not just fussy about food, unfortunately she’s fussy about drinking water as well. Believe me, there are really days she only drinks milk, no water at all even a single ounce! Honestly, it’s driving us crazy!

I know this isn’t good. According to a study led by researchers at Queens College of the City University of New York, a child should drink 5-8 cups of water daily. Sadly, our Louise consumes nowhere near a glass of water. Thankfully for her though, she’s not a fan of soft drinks so at least this reduces any health risks for her.

Now that she’s 3, it is more difficult to let her drink water because she now know’s what she wants and demandingly says NO almost all of the time. We tried several tips and here are the ones that worked so far for us which might be helpful for you as well.


1. Buy attractive tumblers/cups
She knows how to use a glass and she also has a Dora tumbler and a Minnie mouse plastic cup given to her by a friend. Sometimes she uses them but there are really times she’s just so hard-headed and moody. So as a solution we bought her a new one, Disney princess tumbler worth only P115. Surprisingly, she drinks from it and even ask for it. Well done Louise!

Louise drinking water


2. Cheers here and there
During meal time, Louise only plays with the water and food. But when her daddy says “Cheers Louise”, she gladly takes her glass and viola! She drinks water, toasting a glass with each and everyone on the table! If one of us already has a full stomach, we adults can always pretend we’re drinking right? We just need to make sure our kid doesn’t notice it.


3. As a last resort – Let her use the phone
Kids are just so smart these days that there are times the tips above won’t work. If we’ll force our Louise, we all know the outcome – tantrums right there and then! So if all things fail, we just give her the most effective distraction – a smartphone! She follows many Kids’ YouTube channels, for some reason, she always knows where to find them. Honestly, this gives us  freedom once in a while! And while she’s busy watching, we’re able to let her drink not only water but take her vitamins as well.

Louise using smartphone

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