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TALK TO THE FUTURE Event – Picking the Minds of the GenZ

November 3, 2019

According to Pew Research Center, anyone born from 1997 onward is part of the new generation known today as “Generation Z” or “GenZ”. This means that both of my kids belong to this generation. When I got invited to attend an event from which the speakers are some of the amazing kids of this generation, I said yes and brought along Louise with me.

The event, entitled “TALK TO THE FUTURE – Picking the minds of the GenZ” was presented by Vibes Co-working Space, in partnership with BrainFit Studio.

Talk to the Future Vibes coworking space

From this event, which was held last October 19, 11-15-year-old kids shared their stories about how they managed to accomplish great feats at such a young age. It was a fun event, pretty much inspiring for the kids who attended like Louise. Get to know more about the speakers below.


Sky Pantinople –  “Homeschooler, Graphic Designer, Youtuber, Footballer and Roblox-Themed Tshirt creator & seller”

Sky Pantinople - Talk to the Future Speaker
  • Sky has been homeschooled since he was 9. At that age, he started exploring and learning StickMan animation with no help. He loved sketching anything stick man. One day, he realized that he wanted to make money out of his hand-drawn stick man sketches and the easiest way to do it was to put them on tshirts and sell to kids. But he had a problem: he didn’t know how to render the sketches in digital form. He wanted to learn Photoshop but we just could not download a working cracked format. As luck would have it, he got an opportunity to study Graphic Design at UVNS.
  • He was their youngest student ever. When we posted his layouts on FB, we received so many messages asking Sky to do graphic layouts for them. He worked on projects after projects and got paid. He designed the FB layouts of Snowtime for 2 months. He designed the logo of his uncle who has a lechon business in USA. He designed business card of his uncle. He designed the experimental Turon business of his mom. And many more.
  • Currently, he operates a Youtube channel all about Roblox. He designs the thumbnails himself and edits Roblox characters & frames using Blender and Filmora respectively. And he is doing and learning all those things by himself. His latest project is to monetize his Roblox designs. He designs Roblox-themed tshirts branded as Skyblox and sells them to friends. His FB page will be running soon to reach out to more kids.

Leo Borromeo – “Asia’s Fastest Speedcuber”

Leo Boromeo
  • Asia’s fastest speedcuber
  • Endorser of Gan Cubes & The Cubicle
  • Member – Gan Gurus
  • Member – Team Cubicle
  • YouTube Silver Play Button Awardee (for having more than 100,000 subscribers)

David Castro –  “Author”

  • David Alfonso Castro is a 12-year old 7th grader from Cebu, Philippines. He started writing my first book when he was still 10 years old and published it just last year April 2018. He now has 2 books entitled Aris and the Conquistadors of ECA (Saving Dogmor Book 1) and Aris and the Attack on The Crystal Of Existence(Saving Dogmor Book 2). They are now both available in Amazon.

Zaiid Trazo – “Lego-inspired creator based on imaginations”

  • Zaiid started his love for Lego when he was 4 years old and hasn’t stopped building since then. Other interests came in and out like playing the drums live on stage, but building bricks stayed. His first original lego creation started out small but he was determined to be a “Lego-inspired creator based on imaginations,” as he puts it.
  • Later on, his interest in cars and how an engine works was a good ignition for more than just building. He first got into the basics of Lego Robotics from Compass Education in the summer of 2015. He continued on by training and joining the Robotics Team from his school, Marie Ernestine – North Campus. Two years after, his team was able to compete for national robotics competitions and qualified to compete in the World Robot Olympiad to represent the Philippines.
  • He continues to create as he discovers new ways to achieve his designs. He hopes to bring inspiration to others and hopefully create something valuable in the future.


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