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July 22, 2018

Hello Dear Readers, while this blog is about me and family, sometimes I do accept guest posts with topics relevant to families and women of all ages. Here’s the latest one, get to know more about the company Jeunesse Global.

Jeunesse Global


Investors capitalizing on direct sales marketing are enjoying lengthy incomes. Jeunesse Global is a manufacturer of skincare products in addition to supplements. The company is based in Lake Mary, Florida in the United States. It came to existence in 2009, September 9 founded by Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray. The two magnates had a successful career in other enterprises before venturing into the direct selling market. After their retirement, they joined hands in starting up Jeunesse as part of their gratifying reward plan. The exact time for the launch was 9:00 pm with the number nine signifying continuity of the firm.

Jeunesse has nine products in line currently. The array of these products is referred to as the Youth Enhancement System (Y.E.S) that was carefully developed by combining comprehensive benefits with a unique skincare and supplements system. Jeunesse operates under the leadership of Randy as the Founder and CEO, Wendy as the COO and Founder, and Scott Lewis as Jeunesse Chief Visionary Officer.

Nevo, a caffeinated drink that Jeunesse claims to have perfected won the consumer product of the year award in 2016. Referred to as the smart choice, Nevo gives a fresh curl of energy in four energizing recipes. The benefits include an excellent taste, 50 calories, and vitamin B. Nevo is a 20 per cent fruit juice with no synthetic sweeteners. The critical ingredients of Nevo include green tea, which is an East Asian initially cultivated herb. It contains a Brazilian herb with caffeine content known as Guarana. Also, there is yerba mate as well with vitamins C, B3, B5, B6, and B12.

Jeunesse has a product known as ZEN Project 8™ that streamlines weight management in addition to coaching habits on healthy living. The course involves eight weeks with three natural phase to follow. It includes expert training with support from vigorous participants. Jeunesse collaborated with Mark McDonald, a famous professional nutritionist and fitness specialist. Together, they came up with a program premeditated in life and body transformation. Mark has been a celebrity in his field of profession helping all kinds of individuals. Mark is the founder of the International Board of Nutrition and Fitness Coaching (IBNFC) and Venice Nutrition. Besides, he is the American Diabetes Association’s National Ambassador.

The healthy living program consists of gender-specific guide that ensures that individuals eat the proper meal rations of agreed fresh foods in each phase of ZEN Project 8. Amazingly, Jeunesse came up with skincare products that people can drink. Jeunesse product, Naära combines fine constituents with TruMarine™ Collagen. Clinically tested, Collagen endorses younger skin look. According to a study conducted, 30% of skin collagen is lost each decade. It contains eight super fruits and eight amino acids, minerals and vitamins.

Working at Jeunesse Global as a distributor is advantageous. Every year, the company rewards distributors who meet agreed essential qualifications in their line of work. They get a chance to explore the world with a lifetime trip offer. The initiative is called Lifestyle Reward. People visit legendary and exciting destinations. The trips include incentive trips, emerald experience, and diamond discoveries. In 2017, distributors delighted in four luxury trips different for every market.

North America and Latin America Distributors went to Dubai, European distributors visited Cancun in Mexico where they enjoyed Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort. The Asia Pacific, Africa & India based distributors witnessed the impressive architecture in Prague and Budapest. Lastly, Greater China-based distributors enjoyed the magnificent landscapes of Germany.

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