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May 15, 2018
Alexandra by the sea

If you’re a reader of our blog for years now, I’m sure you already knew that Louise loves staying in hotels. She loves it so much that most of the time, she doesn’t want to go home. Recently pa nga, she said “Mommy, can we stay in the hotel for 9 days?”. Yes, she mentioned a number, very specific with a serious face and I tried my best not to laugh! When she knew that we’re traveling in Mindanao, she couldn’t contain her excitement because apart from seeing her cousins, she’ll also experience staying in another hotel.

By the time we arrived in Dapitan City last April, we didn’t have any advance room bookings. We were looking for a place near Gloria’s Fantasyland because it’s in our itinerary for our first night there. Apparently, there were no hotels near the place so we ended up looking for lodging houses and pension houses for availability. After checking 3 places, we were finally accommodated at Alexandra By The Sea Garden and Suites.

Alexandra by the sea dapitan city


Upon entering the gate, honestly, we thought it was a private residential place, more like a white mansion if you ask me. It looked a bit scary for me because it reminded me of some horror movies I’ve watched when I was little but we’re thankful we found the place because it was so affordable. They allowed us to get only 1 room, imagine there were 7 of us adults, 2 kids, 1 toddler and 2 infants. If we chose other places, we might end up getting 3 rooms so obviously we saved a lot in this place. Room rate was Php2500, we added 2 extra beds for Php 300 each, a total of Php3100 all-in-all. We’re able to get 20% Senior citizen discount for my father so we paid only P2600. They also served breakfast which we paid separately.

Alexandra by the sea dapitan city 2


Please refer to our video below for the short clips I took during our check-in process. There were only 2 staff/caretakers when we arrived, I don’t think the place needed more because they only received few customers that time. I did not take a video at night because trust me, we just went through the horror house at the Fantasyland, there’s no way I would walk around the place for the video.


The place only looked scary though but none of us saw, heard or felt anything unusual. The boys went out for drinks and arrived at 3am, they didn’t notice anything. Us ladies and the kids slept well, so I conclude the place is not haunted.

What we loved about the place:

  • Affordable
  • Peaceful
  • Accessible
  • With instagrammable spots
  • The large outdoor open space is perfect for big gatherings.



Alexandra by the Sea Contact Details

Address: Sunset BoulevardDapitanPhilippines
Telephone number: (065) 908 8249
Facebook Page:



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