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Cebu Bloggers’ Mini Talk with McDonald’s McShare Box

November 16, 2016

I’ve been a member of Cebu Bloggers Society for one year now but it was only last Saturday that I let my shy and ‘busy mothering’ self, attended their event. It was actually a mini talk about creative writing (in blogging), with Ms. Nancy Cudis of The Memoriter Writing Service as the speaker.



I was able to meet some of the respected bloggers, some whom I already follow for many months now. It was really fun meeting all of them (though only few were there). We all learned a lot. I don’t practice creative writing much for my blog posts and that’s what I really need to improve. And from the talk, I just realized how big the improvement that I need to achieve, whew! Oh well, who would have thought a BS Statistics graduate like me who had been obsessed with numbers during school days  would end up liking blogging anyway?

So there I was that Saturday afternoon, at McDonald’s Teleperformance, IT Park for the mini talk. As the host of the event, McDonald’s let us enjoy their new McShare Box containing their best-tasting chicken. Despite the bad weather, Louise was there with me and so I let her be the model for the day (chuckle).



The McShare box contains 6 or 8 tasty crispy chicken from which you can have for an a la carte order or with a bundle.



Our family loves going to the malls on weekends and we always prefer restaurants or fast foods with group meals (frugal mommy here).  It’s very much affordable, I’ll definitely add Mcdonald’s McShare Box to our list.

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