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Nutri 10 Plus Review – A Great Picky Eater Solution

April 12, 2017
Nutri 10 Plus - Wert Philippines

I have mentioned several times in my blog how picky eater Louise is. She’s turning 5 this year, she already has a little sister who’s thankfully not a picky eater, she’s surrounded by classmates who have a good appetite but then, nothing has influenced her to change. She’s still the little Louise whom we still force to eat whenever necessary.

Last month, I was chosen to try the Nutri 10 Plus Syrup by Wert Philippines for which I am thankful for because it could be the solution for my picky eater Louise.

The package has arrived, showed it to her and the portion she first saw was the one with the boy playing soccer. She said she won’t drink it because it’s for boys only (oh how kids think!). Thankfully, the other side of the packaging shows a girl doing karate or taekwondo. I told her if she wanted to be strong like the girl, she needed to drink the vitamins, and she agreed!

Nutri 10 Plus - Wert Philippines

I had a taste of it first before giving it to her. It has a ponkan flavor and it tasted similar to any other vitamins, even to the ones that I tried when I was little. I was right, she liked it but still using a dropper (at her age, she still prefers dropper over spoon).

So far so good, I can see an improvement. I noticed she easily feels hungry. She still doesn’t finish eating everything we give her but at least we can see that she’s not afraid to take a bite. I’m thinking this is because she feels hungrier now.

I’m hoping her positive improvement will continue, especially that Nutri 10 Plus is more economical and still contains the important components similar to more expensive and popular vitamins we once used. It contains

  • Taurine for proper brain development
  • Zinc for strong immune system
  • Lysine to help improve appetite
  • CGF or Chlorella Growth Factor for height enhancement

and all other important vitamins as seen here:

Nutri 10 components


Apart from Nutri 10 plus, I also received Dayzinc vitamins which are all available at Mercury Drugstores nationwide.

Dayzing Wert Philippines


Price per bottle are as follows:

  • Nutri 10 drops 30ml – 125 pesos
  • Nutri 10 Plus 120ml syrup – 180 pesos
  • Nutri 10 Plus 250ml syrup – 310 pesos
  • Dayzinc drops 30ml – 110 pesos
  • Dayzinc syrup 120ml – 125 pesos
  • Dayzinc syrup 250ml – 240 pesos


Thanks for reading mommies. See you in my next blogpost!

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