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PRITITEATS: Revel in the Sinulog Spirit with foodpanda

January 14, 2021

The party continues on your dining table with exciting discounts and exclusive freebies!

No need to skip the annual Sinulog Festivities because of “safer at home restrictions” as foodpanda, the country’s on-demand delivery service, brings an exciting experience to your home.  Keep the Sinulog spirit alive and the party rocking, with special discounts and exclusive free items in foodpanda!

                Over a hundred restaurants and food establishments are joining the celebration that allows you to enjoy your go-to food orders at a discount of 20% and up. And for new users, using the code “PINKSINULOG can give P50 off on your first three orders with a minimum order value of P149 until January 31, 2021.

                If you’re fumbling on your phone in excitement over which restaurant to order from using this latest treat from foodpanda, here are five excellent choices to choose from to feel your Sinulog vibes right at your home:

OK! Oppa’s Kitchen
                Are you in the mood for some Korean food after binge-watching your favorite oppa’s latest K-Drama? Enjoy 35% off on already budget-friendly and delectable Korean meals from OK! Oppa’s Kitchen, which has multiple branches all over Cebu.

                Among the many items to choose from are the famous kimchi fried rice, served in gochujang sauce and topped with a sunny-side-up egg, as well as the octopus samgyeopsal, or sotanghon noodles with fried egg and octopus, pork muksal in gochujang sauce. How do the Koreans say it again? “Jal meokkessumnida!

Hebrews Shebrews

If it’s new and special milk tea choices you’re looking for, Hebrews Shebrews is the one for you.

                At 40% off, try an assortment of selections from dark chocolate to sea salt caramel to Oreo cookies and cream overload. The brand also offers special teas such as brown sugar milk tea, strawberry matcha, and the Hebrews Shebrews special tea, described as a “special home-brewed tea with a twist.”

Orange Brutus
                A discussion of the favorite Cebuano dining destinations wouldn’t be complete without the mention of Orange Brutus. The brand has been around since the early ’80s as the metro’s first hamburger food chain.

Since then, the restaurant has expanded its offerings to welcome entire families. One of the best-sellers is the sizzling burger steak. Another go-to is the fried Chicken Brutus, which customers usually pair with mango shake. Get all these and more at 20% off.

Dimsum Break
                Enjoy a dim sum break from Dimsum Break with a 20%-discount!

                The brand serves a wide range of options for all kinds of dim sum lovers. Those who prefer it fried can go for the stuffed shrimps, crab pincers, or sweet and sour pork. Meanwhile, the choices for #TeamSteamed include the Shaomai, which has variants of mushroom, quail egg, and chicken. You can also try an assortment of rice pot meals, noodles, and “shaopaos.”

Dimsum break


Tagged as “the largest company-owned shawarma chain in the Philippines,” Leylam offers affordable and quality Turkish-inspired food.

                Satisfy your cravings with Leylam’s signature shawarma that comes in three different styles: over rice, noodles, or in a wrap. Get yours at 25% on a minimum value order of P299.

Not to be outdone by these five foolproof favorites, the rest of the participating restaurants are decidedly fast and flavorful, featuring a variety of dishes that are filled with creativity and deliciousness.

For an even better treat, take home a special Linya-Linya eco bag using the “PRITITEATS” on pick-up orders with a minimum value of P499 to complete your Sinulog gears at home! For more information, follow foodpanda’s official social media pages as well on Facebook at and on Instagram at


About foodpanda:

foodpanda is dedicated to bringing food lovers their favorite meals from curated local restaurants in the Philippines. Since its creation, the on-demand food delivery service has grown to more than 170,000 partner restaurants in more than 325 cities across 13 Asian and Central Europe foodpanda Philippines currently operates more than 50 cities across the Philippines anc continuously expanding. foodpanda is a subsidiary under Delivery Hero, a worldwide leader of the food delivery industry. For more information visit

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