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Single But Struggling to Save – #PlsSaveMe

October 15, 2019
rey - plssaveme2

Savings is very important that’s why many say to start it young is a must. Some already have an account ever since they were little, maintained by their parents. Some waited until they landed their first job before getting a savings account. However, majority of them are not capable of maintaining sufficient amount to their account, even if they’re still single, and Rey is one of them.

Rey took up Bachelor of Science in Information Technology but stopped after the 1st semester of his second year. He decided to work instead of which he was hired in an IT company in 2017. He’s still working in that same company at present. Now he’s 21 years old, single, but he still finds it hard to save a portion of his salary every month.

He has monthly obligations in their house as an only child. His father is already retired and now helps Rey’s mother with their small carenderia. He gives some amount to his parents, pay some bills in the house if his parents’ income isn’t enough. To help him arrive earlier at his workplace, he bought a motorcycle which he’s still paying monthly at present. A big amount of his salary is for his motorbike but he admitted that it is also because of consistently going out with friends that his salary always isn’t enough.

Rey loves going out with friends, especially after work, when it’s payday. And some weekends, they’re travelling to north or south of Cebu for quick getaway and moments at the beach. And even if it was just over the weekend, he sometimes still need to spend big.

I asked him what he does whenever he’s short of money, he said since he has no credit card, he only relies on his friends and their company’ sinking fund. Currently, he’s living paycheck to paycheck. He’s one of the many Filipinos who have no enough savings that is vital whenever emergencies arise. Can you relate to Rey’s #PlsSaveMe story? Feel free to comment down below.

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