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How Far Would You Go to Travel? Here’s A Millennial’s Story – #PlsSaveMe

September 30, 2019
Millennial story 2 - plssaveme

Millennials are wanderlust. Many say it’s their way to not only discover the world but also rediscover their goals. I myself is guilty of this but I travel in moderation because I am a parent and you know, lots of priorities!!!

Now, how about the singles out there? How far would you go to travel and maintain a good travel record? Let’s take a look at Jem’s story, a registered nurse who works in a medical marketing company.

Jem loves to travel, his work allows him to do it. Most of his local travels are for business trips but he’s saving a lot for international trips because they’re not sponsored. He already traveled to several countries, Australia is among them. He applied another Visa for his second visit to AU. But then, he got so busy that year that he overlooked it was nearing its expiry. He had only 1 month left before the expiration, he was decided not to push through with his travel until a friend of his told him that expired unused Visa/s might ruin his travel record. It might cause issues in his future travels, like higher chance of being questioned by an Immigration Officer, etc.

In order not to let that happen, he planned his travel, booked a ticket right away which were not on sale, and used his credit card for it. He stayed in Sydney for 10 days and because it was an abrupt trip, he wasn’t able to inform his friend living there in advance. As a result, he was only accommodated for 3 days (his friend had a scheduled trip to another country after that), which left him no choice but to book for an AirBnB room for the remaining days which wasn’t offered at its best price.

He still had the best time and experiences during his stay there in Sydney but life after the trip wasn’t that good. He had to work hard again to pay off his debts from the travel. This happened in 2017, thankfully he was debt-free months after. Lesson learned from his experience, always plan in advance for travels and do not forget Visa expirations. It is important to set aside in advance money for travels as well, even if it’s still far from the travel period.

If I were in Jem’s shoes, as a mother, I could have just let my visa expired. But single Millennials have different priorities. Other than not to ruin his travel record, the fact that he loves to travel, it’s enough reason for him to push through with his plans.

How about you? How far did you go just to have a trip happen, even though you lack the budget? We’ve all been there, we resort to credit cards and borrowing money. And life after that, we weren’t able to save much or none at all because we used most of our income to pay off the debts. Remember that you’re not alone. Perhaps, as long as you’re able to pay off everything in a few months, you’re still good, probably just a broke millennial for a few months. If not and you’re into a bigger financial crisis, then remember that there’s always a solution in every problem, that there is help out there.

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