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Every Mom’s Dream – Having a Healthy and Happy Child

March 31, 2019
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It’s been a while since I last wrote about my experiences as a mother. Back then, I was still adjusting to being a work-at-home mom (WAHM). Now, as a WAHM for 2.5 years, I am not only a more experienced mother but also, I’m a mom doing more roles every day. Ever since Louise started grade school, I become her driver and also tutor. I never thought I can add these responsibilities to my daily routine but like most moms out there, I always find ways. How? I adjust my sleeping time and waking time. Yes, most moms do this, we sometimes lack sleep just to get all the things done at home.

So even when we’re very tired each day, what is the number 1 reason that we stay positive and happy? If you ask me, it’s always the happiness and health of my children.

Simple Happiness

Giving material things that my kids want does not count here, I don’t want them to depend their happiness on material things. Instead, I and my husband spend time with them. As simple as eating together, watching their favorite movies at home and being playful parents every now and then, these already satisfy their need to feel important and be loved.

A happy environment is what we also provide to them. Our house may be far from instagrammable houses out there which are perfectly clean and with stylish living rooms, bedrooms and kitchen but we make sure that ours is a place where they want to go home because they feel loved and safe. A place where their curious minds are free to explore, a place where they are properly nurtured.

While many say that money is not the key to happiness, time to time we spend money for the kids’ experiences. If we have the budget and they want to go to the playroom, then we say Yes. If we have a few extras and we want to let them experience something new like a summer class perhaps then we say Yes. It’s really OK to spend, especially it’s for something that can help our kids improve their skills, talents and personality.

Louise doing crafts

Grow Healthy

Knowing that my child is healthy enough to do whatever activities she wants is one of the many things that makes me a happy mom. Even though she’s a bit smaller than her age, she rarely gets sick which is what’s more important, especially now being a grade schooler.

grade schooler

And while I don’t pressure her to study her lessons always, I’m glad she’s doing great in school with passing grades and that she participates well in school activities.

Kid wearing Trolls costume - trolls tutu

As moms, there are many ways we do to make our kids healthy. In my case, together with vitamins, proper nutrition and hygiene, I also give NESTOGROW to my Louise 2x a day to make sure she’s getting enough nutrients.

Nestogrow Kid 3

With Nestogrow, her tummy’s healthy, thanks to Lactobacillus comfortis (L. Comfortis) content. To be honest, I even can’t remember that last time she experienced colic, diarrhea or constipation.

Nestogrow Kid

I believe Nestogrow also has helped her to have strong muscles and bones and overall be an active girl so she can also keep up and play with kids of her age.

Nestogrow Kid 2

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