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LALAMOVE Now in Cebu – Moving Cities, Moving Cebu

February 10, 2019
LALAMOVE Ribbon Cutting

Left something at home but no time to go back and get it? How about when you’re a working mom, breastfeeding, and your baby at home needs your pumped milk asap? These are just some of the scenarios where Lalamove can definitely help. Do you own an online business which offers COD options to your Cebu clients? LALAMOVE it! Want specific food from your favorite restaurant? LALAMOVE it! Want someone to pay your bills? LALAMOVE it! Yes, they can even queue in banks for you.

For interested drivers, just download the Lalamove driver app and follow the instructions given. Some of the requirements are NBI Clearance, Driver’s license, vehicle’s OR/CR, etc. Currently they already have 400 drivers in Cebu, feel free tp join them and enjoy amazing benefits.

Below is the Press Release of the LALAMOVE Launch in Cebu last week.

Cebu, February 2019 – After gaining strong presence in Metro Manila in the past 2 years and moving items 24/7 since their arrival, the biggest same-day delivery app in Southeast Asia is finally in Cebu!  The company, which started in Hong Kong, expands its horizons to the Queen City of the South.

Launching Cebu and championing Cebuano Entrepreneurs

Helping business clients is Lalamove’s utmost priority. Lalamove aims to empower micro, small and medium enterprises, and even multinationals and established businesses, to reach more customers through on-demand delivery. As we all know, acquiring delivery fleets is costly and impractical. Some small businesses wouldn’t have the need to deliver their goods all the time, causing delivery units to have an expensive and counterproductive standstill. For huge companies, they often experience shortage of delivery vehicles especially when demand peaks. A viable option is to get a logistics partner like Lalamove to minimize costs. Food and online businesses are a few of the many that successfully reached an untapped market through Lalamove. With the wide array of vehicles and services built for businesses, Lalamove certainly empowers Filipino entrepreneurs and businesses to fulfill their passion.

Ms. Dannah Majarocon, Managing Director of Lalamove Philippines

“The focus of Lalamove Southeast Asia is to enable growing cities where our technology and services can elevate the lives of drivers who can answer to the delivery needs of businesses. The Philippines’ Queen City of the South is ripe and booming with entrepreneurs. We are certain that Lalamove can drive a positive change and move Cebu forward.” – Dannah Majarocon, Managing Director of Lalamove Philippines

Moving Forward

Logistics was always a vital part of growth for the economy of, not just a city, but a whole nation. Now that the Lalamove app is available for Cebuano day-to-day users and businesses, their goal is to make deliveries in Cebu fast, simple, and affordable.

One of LALAMOVE drivers sharing his experience

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