Lantaw Native Restaurant, SRP Cebu – Perfect for Family Bonding

August 18, 2016
Lantaw SRP at night

It’s been four days since my parents went home to our province in Mindanao but I missed them so much already. Wow, it seems age is really just a number and deep inside our hearts, we’re still that kid longing for our parents’ love and care! So during their stay here, we made it to the point to spend all our time bonding with them.

Knowing our Papa, when it comes to eating outside, we should make sure that both the place and the food are impressive for him (Oh please, he requested another Filipino restaurant!). So again, my sister and I were having a brainstorming-like session of where to eat. Considering places which were convenient for us, we ended at Lantaw Native Restaurant in SRP. We went straight there the moment we arrived in Cebu City all the way from Simala Shrine in Sibonga (and I was dog-tired!). Travelling with an infant, an active pre-schooler and disturbing UTI wasn’t easy. I even forgot to take photos of the place and the menu!

We arrived there at 5pm and even though it was still early, we ordered before the place would get very busy. For a family who’s done with pork that week, we only chose tuna belly, calamares, chopsuey, tinolang hala-an and sisig (it’s pork I know but the boys wanted some beers so a yummy pulutan should be on the table).

family at SRP Lantaw Native Restaurant

tuna belly of Lantaw Native Restaurant SRP Cebu

Chopsuey of Lantaw Native Restaurant SRP Cebu

Calamares of SRP Lantaw Native Restaurant


Honestly, I am no food critic and my taste buds are not that adventurous. Any Filipino food served in front of me are all delicious for me and the only thing that would amaze me is if there’s a twist or something unique added to the dish. For the food above, all are great – yummy, typical Filipino dishes. Nothing very special but I can assure you that the place won’t disappoint your hungry stomach, especially if you have a ‘not-so-full’ wallet. If you don’t have a car or a motorcycle though, just be prepared for the taxi fees because there aren’t any jeepneys in SRP.

Anyway, the ambience is one of the main reasons we chose Lantaw. Who wouldn’t like to eat while enjoying this view anyway?

sea view at Lantaw Native Restaurant SRP Cebu


Another reason is the big space where our kids can play. Louise even loved watching these live crabs.

Live crabs at Lantaw Native Restaurant SRP Cebu


Lastly, Lantaw looks romantic at night especially the outdoor spot. If you’re planning to date your special someone, this place is definitely worth-a-try!

Lantaw SRP at night


By the way, don’t forget to take a photo with your group in their famous spot having the Lantaw logo.

pictorial at Lantaw Native Restaurant SRP Cebu


For inquiries and reservations, you may refer to Lantaw Native Restaurant (SRP) contact details below:

Telephone Number: 032-5127745
Facebook Page:

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