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Best Diaper For Rashes – The Most Trusted Brand For Me

August 26, 2020

I’ve been a mother for 8 years now and one of the things that I’ve really learned from my mistakes is that choosing cheaper baby products, especially with diapers, always has downsides. I remember because of a tight budget, there was a time that I used cloth diapers but I couldn’t continue for long because it was more exhausting for me. The laundry and the number of times I had to check whether the cloth was wet or soiled, it was just too tiring for me. When I bought disposable diapers, I chose some cheaper ones and it didn’t do me and my baby any good as well. Seeing my baby uncomfortable while wearing it, and then getting rashes in some mornings, the money saved wasn’t really that worth it.

Diaper Rashes are caused by three factors: Wetness, Skin Irritants and Heat. This condition commonly affects babies wearing infrequently changed diapers. I was a guilty mom for letting my baby experience this due to my wrong decisions but my years of discovering the perfect diaper led me to the brand that I started trusting – Pampers Baby Dry.

Our Experience With Pampers Baby Dry

I have used different brands when Louise was still on diaper, and then I continued using one of the brands when Martina was born. But weeks after giving birth to her, we received Pampers Baby Dry Newborn pack as a gift so we tried it. I didn’t expect how much better the product is compared to others when it comes to absorption. My baby was so comfortable wearing it, she slept well throughout the night and there was no occurrence of diaper rash. I’ve read that Pampers Baby Dry has triple protection benefits, protecting babies from three causes of rashes (wetness, heat, skin irritants). I say it’s indeed true based on my baby’s experience. I felt relieved and more relaxed as well as I didn’t have to do numerous checking for wet diapers, plus the better quality of sleep that me and my baby enjoyed.

For moms who want the best, there’s also Pampers Premium Care. It has a 3D absorbing cushion that pulls runny poo away, very helpful in minimizing the contact of irritants on skin.

Pampers is indeed one of the best newborn diaper brands for babies in the Philippines. They not only give us moms the highest-quality diapers but they also create two variants that we can choose from.

At present, Martina’s using Pampers Baby Dry Pants. She only needs to change diapers twice in 24 hours because the diaper still feels dry and doesn’t look soggy even after many hours of wearing. The diaper is also very soft, no plastic or anything that can cause discomfort. Pampers is the brand that I trust for the longest time now,  I can’t imagine using other brands again.

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