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G-Shock Watch for Hubby Fred’s Birthday

September 25, 2015

I admit, I am a wife who doesn’t prefer giving expensive gifts to husband. But I did this once though, 2 years ago. I bought him a Questor exercise equipment similar to the photo below. As expected, I could only count the times he used it! Now it’s dusty and hasn’t been used for months!

Photo from

So now, I decided to just give him something he really need and at the same time, it should be something that I BADLY need. Mommies, I think you’re familiar of husbands’ attitude – always being told what to do at home. They’ll answer YES when we talk to them, nod confidently but they’re not looking at us. Can you guess what’s the worst part? NO job done! Missed it! Didn’t do it right! And so on…

Fred’s like this and there came a moment when I just wished he has an alarm clock always close to him (apart from his  mobile phone). An alarm to remind him that he has errands to do and  that he needs to wake up early because I don’t want us to be late for work.

So right there and then, it hit me! Fred has no watch so if I’ll buy him one, it should come with an alarm. Knowing his activities, it should be shock resistant and waterproof.

All these features I found in G-shock, so without second thought, I bought one for him. I wanted to surprise him for his birthday so I purchased it few days before his special day, when I had reasons to go to the mall alone.

Gshock Watch - Birthday Gift


So fast forward, we were having a simple birthday dinner at home and served him KFC bucket as requested by the birthday boy.

Fred's Birthday

After dinner, I gave him the surprise gift. He loved it and he was one happy husband! And now, days after having his watch, he’s still not using the alarm! All I can do now is just sigh, sigh and sigh and think that he’s just being Fred. I still love him though!

How about you? What’s the most expensive gift you gave your husband/boyfriend? Kindly comment and share your story below. XoXo!

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