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How My Trusted Less Lawlaw Diaper has Helped Me Save Big!

February 15, 2019
happy mommy and baby - cebu mommy blogger

It was only when I became a mother that I realized how difficult it is to choose the best products for babies. I remember baby shopping before for the first time, I spent hours just to choose clothes and other baby essentials. I checked and compared the labels, the features and yes, the prices! And years passed, now a mother of two, I still sometimes see myself standing beside the grocery shelf longer, still comparing. And I admit, there were times I chose the cheaper products, diapers specifically. But then, I always end up buying more because the absorbency is very poor. This is why I’m doing the “Less Palit More Sulit” Challenge from Pampers for me to compare my baby’s usage of diapers, using the cheaper brand in Day 1 and Pampers in Day 2.

Pampers and cheaper brand1

Day 1 Observation – Using Cheaper Diaper Brand

Since I’m working at home, I can easily check Martina’s diaper. Sadly with the cheaper one, after 3 hours, here’s what happened:

cheaper diaper brand

She’s really an active little girl. Even though the diaper wasn’t that full, I have to Because it was too lawlaw and I was worried it would hinder her movements. By 3pm, we’re already on our 3rd diaper and one time I caught her trying to take it off. At 8pm, I prepare her for bedtime but I needed to change the diaper again before I slept at around 11pm because it already got saggy which would cause discomfort during sleeping. At the end of the day, my baby has used 6 diapers!

Day 2 Observation – Using Pampers Baby Dry Pants

On the second day, with Pampers, it was already 6 hours since she wore the diaper, yet she still can move freely, amazingly, it wasn’t ‘lawlaw’. She had a wonderful playtime, look how comfortable and happy she was. I didn’t see her touching it, that only means she loved wearing it. I was also able to work continuously, no need to change her diaper always.

Happy baby in pampers - 2
happy mommy and baby - 4
happy baby in pampers pants - edited

It was again 3PM when I changed her diaper, just before we went out to fetch her older sibling. At the end of the day, we only used 4 diapers! There was even no need for me to change her before my bedtime because it was still OK, still dry to touch.

happy baby in pampers 2
used pampers diaper

Amazing Result

I really am amazed! With Pampers, we were able to save 2 diapers in a day, compared to the other brand!!! The best part was really seeing her move and do her daily adventures without hindrance, which can really help with her learning and development. I can say it’s really sulit!

happy mommy and baby - cebu mommy blogger

Join the “Less Palit, More Sulit” Challenge

The challenge made it clear to me that it’s really ‘more sulit’ with Pampers. I also had fun doing it, and you can try it too Mommies! Join the “Less Palit, More Sulit” Challenge now! Also, for every purchase of Pampers worth PHP500 in Waltermart Supermarket, you will get one raffle ticket. 15 winners will get 1 year supply of Pampers and 30 winners will get a Jollibee Kid’s Party Package. Promo period is from February 1 to February 28.

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