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Affordable Mobile Phones at Groupon

November 17, 2016

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post written for Groupon. I am compensated for this post. All opinions are my own.


My 4-year old Iphone 5 died this year. Yes, literally, I can’t use it nor open it anymore. Fixing it, along with purchasing new LCD and battery cost way too much. Honestly, it’s better to buy a new one than looking for the best tech guy who can fix it.



My hubby’s Samsung phone was broken as well, all thanks to our daughter Louise for being so ‘careful’ while using our phones. Actually, we purchased them on the same month and year and I guess 4 years as a life expectancy of phone these days is already not bad.



So what else can we do?  The frugal “me” had no chance of stopping us, even though expensive, Fred and I bought new phones. As much as possible, Louise should not be using them. But realistically, this can’t be done, she will find ways to get the phones, unless of course she has a new one that she can call her own.

Recently, I’ve been searching the internet for online deals. I was able to get one for the first time and honestly, the cake that I ordered was not bad, it’s actually worth my money. So from there, why not find another deal and this time, I’ll try my luck with phones.

And then I found affordable Groupon goods online including smartphones. The ones that caught my eye were the phones below, price is really not bad.



For real, they have thousands of products on sale, not just mobile phones. The deals can really help when it comes to saving money, especially in finding great gifts for special occasions. From getaways to any kinds of Groupon goods, the site’s got you covered.

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