Birthday at Tops of Cebu Restaurant and a View From Tops Lookout

January 14, 2019
Tops Lookout Cebu with family

Ever since I got married, I no longer spend much on my birthday. An example of my very simple celebration was shared here. If we decide to eat in a restaurant, it should be affordable like my story here.

For 2018, we went uphill in Busay, to see the view from The Tops Lookout. It was the kids’ first time and they really loved the view and the wind. We paid Php100 for the entrance fee, each for 3 of us adults. Check out the video at the bottom for the whole experience and view.

Tops Lookout Cebu with family - cebu mommy blogger


I think we only stayed there for 30 minutes because we wanted to get a nice table at the nearby restaurant, The Tops of Cebu. It was our first time in the place, thankfully we brought sweaters because it was really cold there at night.

Tops of Cebu Restaurant View

Tops of Cebu Restaurant with family


Apart from the very nice view which is perfect for special occasions, I loved how affordable their foods and specialities are. See below for their menu:

Tops of Cebu Restaurant menu


For all these plus the drinks, I think we paid only Php 1900+. When it comes to taste, we loved all of them apart from the Pancit de Cebu. I don’t know, maybe we’re just not used to eating crispy noodles, feels like raw noodles. The kids love pancit but not that one though. We’ll definitely go back there but we’ll skip their pancit for sure.

Tops of Cebu Restaurant Food


All-in-all, I had a perfect birthday celebration. The view reminded me how God has always been good to me, and how blessed I am for what I have. Please watch the video below for some of our short clips and more photos about the view and food.


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