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Johnson’s CottonTouch Baby Wash and Lotion – Unboxing and Review

July 6, 2019
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My daughters love to watch unboxing videos on Youtube that’s why whenever they receive products with their names on the package, they get really excited. Just like the other week, we received a lovely box from Johnson’s containing their gentlest range of baby products which are:
– 100% gentle,
– FREE of parabens, phthalates, sulfates and dyes,
– designed for zero irritation.

Check out our video below and look how excited my kids were:

Oh look at my Martina, couldn’t wait to try each of the products!

We use Johnson’s products (I used their lotion and cologne since elementary years!) but we haven’t tried their new CottonTouch products yet. That’s why when we opened the box, these 2 were the ones we excitedly tried on the same day: Johnson’s CottonTouch Top-to-Toe Baby Wash and Lotion.

About the CottonTouch Products

JOHNSON’S introduces the all-new CottonTouch, their first and only product line especially designed for newborn sensitive skin, designed to nurture the baby’s skin microbiome and to maximize touch and engagement during baby-care routines.

JOHNSON’S New CottonTouch formula is blended with natural cotton that is ultra-light and hypoallergenic, soft and gentle on the skin, leaving no residue. The entire collection is clinically proven mild and safe from the first day of life for fragile, sensitive newborn skin and designed to maintain the natural pH of an infant’s skin and retaining moisture, to nurture rather than disrupt the naturally developing skin microbiome.

Our Review

My observation? They both smell sooooo good yet mild, there’s really no strong odor that could be a sign of unnatural ingredients. It’s been 3 years since I last bathe a newborn baby and when I used the CottonTouch baby wash, it reminded me of my little babies, kakamiss!!! I noticed that the baby wash is so easy to rinse as well, perfect for us who can’t afford to use up more water than usual. My girls smell amazingly fresh after every bath and the CottonTouch lotion makes their skin softer and smoother. I tried these products myself and I am also loving it for my skin.

Like any other parent, I only want the safest and gentlest products for my kids. Since Johnson’s has set a higher standard for gentle, we’ll surely continue using these products. What’s not to love, they’re very affordable as well!

To know more about the new JOHNSON’s Range, visit and their Official Facebook page.

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