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A Mom’s Frustration After Helping Some of the People She Trusted – #PlsSaveMe

October 14, 2019
lend money - plssaveme

Most of my #PlsSaveMe stories are about people who find themselves in a situation wherein they needed to borrow money due to no savings or they used up their savings to finance emergencies and necessities at home. Here’s a different story, a mother of 3 who works in a Real Estate industry lent people she know some money because she trusted them. And then by the time she needed the money back, nobody paid.

We’ve all been there, we let some people close to us borrow our hard-earned money, thinking that they needed it more, that they can be trusted and they will pay on time. Liza (not her real name), had enough savings which she and her husband prepared for the planned medical expenses (surgical operation for one of the family members). She was approached by 2 friends and a relative about lending them money. Since they didn’t need it yet, and that the three borrowers promised to pay a week after, she said yes, without interest. But a week has gone, no sign of them bringing back the money. Another week has passed, still nobody paid and came a month after, Liza started to worry.

Her husband arrived from abroad, they scheduled the operation and Liza didn’t tell him that they already lacked money. She believed it was her mistake for trusting her 2 friends and a relative so she borrowed money to cover their losses. Yes, it hurt her so much because she ended up borrowing huge amount with interest. What’s more frustrating was that she informed the three borrowers that her family badly needed the money back for the operation, sadly, it seemed all three lacked understanding of her situation.

It’s been 3 years since that happened, she finally paid her debts but the three still didn’t pay her. She had learned a lot from that situation, one is to never trust people easily, actually, she’s done letting people borrow her money.

Liza’s situation is very familiar to many of us, it’s so sad that most of us ended up ruining friendships and relationships because of this kind of money problem.

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