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Now It’s Easy to Receive Money From Western Union, Thanks to PAYMAYA

May 10, 2019
Iway Diaries trying Western Union via Paymaya

Would you believe if I tell you that people are busier these days? Every day, we have more to do, with less time to do it. Our available time to do other stuff like running errands is indeed limited. But thanks to technology and the internet, most of our tasks are now made easier.

Imagine receiving money, pay bills, and shop, while you’re still in bed, possible? With Paymaya partnering with Western Union, it’s very much possible and easy! I recently tried this new feature and I’m quite amazed how much time I saved. I feel secure as well as I say goodbye to walking with a huge amount of money in my wallet. I wish they’re all mine but bills are calling so imagine if I lost that money?

Receiving Money From Western Union Using Paymaya

To receive money from Western Union, one main requirement is to update your existing Paymaya account (download and create an account if you still don’t have it). Don’t worry, it’s so easy. Just click on Upgrade button, fill out important fields and upload a Valid ID card. You can then schedule a video call from their customer service agent or if you can’t wait, feel free to click the Call button. It took me around 10 minutes for the whole process. It could have been quicker if only the ID I uploaded was the plastic card one and not the laminated. Their agents were very accommodating so everything ran smoothly for me. All I needed to do was to answer all their questions about my basic personal info and then they took a photo of me during the video call. That was it and my Paymaya was upgraded.

I then proceeded to receive the money sent to me and I tell you, it really was easy! The photos below show the steps I followed and in less than 5 minutes, I received a text from Paymaya about the successful transaction. All you need is the MTCN from Western Union (the sender should give it to you) and the name of the sender.

Hooray! Now I’m ready to pay bills and shop online! There was no need for me to go to Western Union, thus, I was able to save time. This is indeed a very helpful feature especially for those who receive money from their relatives abroad.

And good news, after claiming your Western Union remittance via PayMaya, you are already one step closer to getting a chance to win P10,000 PayMaya credits, P50,000 PayMaya credits, or a whopping P100,000 PayMaya credits by joining their raffle promo!

Get a chance to win P100,000 from PayMaya and Western Union!

Below are the complete promo mechanics:

1. When can I avail the promo?
Promo period is until May 31, 2019.

2. Who can join?
This promo is open to all new and existing PayMaya app users who have fully upgraded account, claimed remittance from Western Union via the add money feature, and transacted like pay bills, buy load, send money, and shop online and in-store.

3. How to earn raffle entry?

  • Users can participate in the promo and earn raffle entries by performing the following actions during the promo period.
    • Pay bills [ 5 raffle entries per biller ]
      • User must pay for his bills in full and on time via the PayMaya app or PayMaya in Messenger. Minimum bill payment amount required is P100. A user can earn five raffle entries per biller per day only – splitting of payment transactions with a one biller is not allowed.
    • Pay with PayMaya QR [ 1 raffle entry for every P100 spend ]
      • User must scan-to-pay via PayMaya QR at any of PayMaya QR-enabled merchants. A minimum spend of P100 is required to earn one raffle entry.
    • Buy digital goods in the PayMaya in-app shop [ 1 raffle entry per purchase ]
      • User must purchase telco/mobile prepaid load, gaming pins or cable TV prepaid credits found in the PayMaya in-app shop. No minimum spend required. A user can earn one raffle entry per purchase of any digital good.
    • Send Money [ 1 raffle entry per day ]
      • User must send money to another PayMaya user via the PayMaya app or PayMaya in Messenger. A minimum send money amount of P10 is required to earn one raffle entry. Only the first send money transaction for each day will be rewarded with one raffle entry.
    • Shop Online and In-store [ 1 raffle entry for every P100 spend ]
      • User must shop and pay for his online and in-store/offline purchases using his virtual Visa or Mastercard in the PayMaya app, or his physical PayMaya-issued card. A minimum spend of P100 is required to earn one raffle entry.
      • To illustrate:
        • Customer spends P300 at X merchant : 3 raffle entries
        • Customer spends P500 at Y merchant : 5 raffle entries
        • Total number of entries earned : 8 raffle entries
      • Examples of online purchases – Transactions in Lazada, Zalora, Amazon, App Store, Google Play, Philippine Airlines, Cebu Pacific, Agoda, Booking, Spotify, Netflix, Honestbee, Foodpanda, Grab, etc.
      • Examples of in-store/offline purchases – Transactions in department stores, groceries, restaurants, cinemas, drug stores, etc.

4. What are the prizes?
1st Prize     One (1) winner of P100,000 PayMaya credits
2nd Prize    One (1) winner of P50,000 PayMaya credits
3rd Prize     Five (5) winners of P10,000 PayMaya credits

5. How will the winners be announced?
Raffle draw will be held on June 18, 2019 at 3PM at the PayMaya Head Office in the presence of a DTI representative. Announcement of winning entries and the complete list of winners for all raffle periods shall be posted in PayMaya’s Facebook page (

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