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Little Red Barn Learning Center – Louise’s Summer Class

March 19, 2016
Louise in Fort Sand Pedro Cebu

At 32 months (April last year), Louise still can’t talk that much. I was worried already and stressed after comparing her to other kids of her age. What made me more worried was seeing other toddlers who are great talkers already! I’ve encountered 2 years old who can say 3-worded phrases, seriously???

Anyway, I have no choice but to accept the fact that each kid is unique, they all achieve milestones whenever they’re ready and not just because they reach a specific age. So to help my Louise, I enrolled her to summer class in our neighborhood.

I found Little Red Barn Learning Center located in Grand Orchard Building, Mambaling, Cebu City and tried our luck. The owner Teacher Milanie was very accommodating. We had a brief discussion about their scheduled summer activities. At first I was hesitant to reserve a slot for my Louise but it’s the only solution I could think of so I said yes.

Believe it or not, Louise’s first day held in Fort San Pedro made me even more worried. I can see other parents were enjoying that day but for me and Fred, every activity was a struggle. Louise did not participate, all she did was yell, cry and cling to us. It was a very long and tiring day indeed. There were times she smiled though and we’re lucky to have the few moments taken:

Louise in Fort Sand Pedro Cebu


Schedules during weekdays were done inside the learning center and the first two weeks were as worrisome as the first day. She’s crying from the moment the door was closed ‘til it opened. She’s afraid of loud music, very shy and won’t participate. But we let her continued.

And as days went by, she was not crying anymore (only if she sees us inside the room though). She was not that friendly yet but at least there were clear improvements every week. She also enjoyed every weekend because there were outdoor activities. We went to Crocolandia where kids saw wild animals they’re only seeing on TV. Then there was pizza making at Da Vinci, Shopwise Branch. Louise obviously enjoyed.

Pizza making - Little Red Barn


Pizza making with friends - Little Red Barn


Crocolandia Experience for Louise


Bird in Crocolandia, Cebu


Crocodile in Crocolandia Cebu


Louise in Crocolandia Cebu


Gradually, she participated, she became familiar with the routines and we’re happy because we could see she’s applying her learning at home. There were times we heard her singing – “Cle up, cle up, ebrybody let cle up…” while picking her toys. Her words were not clear but she knew the rhythm. Then I said to myself “Yeah!!!! There’s nothing wrong with my daughter!!”. Her improvements were such a relief for us.

Louise in Little Red Barn Cebu


After 1 month, closing day came and we’re just so proud and happy seeing her received her first Certificate!

Louise's first Certificate - Little Red Barn


Good job Louise! I know this is just the beginning of your learning years but no pressure, enjoy every moment please!

Currently, Louise is about to finish her 1 year in the learning center. Her communication has improved but she speaks only English for now. So for mommies out there, especially those living in the south area, this school is really worth it.

Little Red Barn has a new batch of fun summer class this coming April and May. Please see below for the details. You can also visit their Facebook page here.

Little Red Barn Learning Center

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  • Lindy July 18, 2016 at 4:17 am

    I am inspired with your blog, my son is a late talker too at almost 3 yrs. old. Enrolled in one of nearby community school but realized my son did not fit in, they were more on academic side. So I tried Little Red Barn Fun Learning Center and attended a free trial class. Teacher Mil was indeed accomodating. My husband and I enjoyed the trial class:) even though my son was crying at time. Currently my son is on his 2nd week of class. Same as yours, my son is crying every time the door will be close but I feel secure now.

    • Hannah Iway July 19, 2016 at 2:02 am

      Thanks Lindy. Time will come that your son will get used to it. He’ll definitely enjoy going to school. My daughter Louise is enrolled in a different school now but there are still some instances wherein she misses her old classmates and teachers.

  • Michelle March 22, 2016 at 5:32 am

    Just hang in there mommy, as long as our kids are having fun, kahit na medyo late talker, ok lang! Darating din ang time na mapapagod ka sa kakasagot sa kanila (chuckle)!

    • Hannah Iway March 24, 2016 at 5:30 am

      Thanks Michelle, she’s doing good now, one of these days we’ll teach her Tagalog and Bisaya na.