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My SALONICA Hair Lounge Experience For The E! Bloggers Ball Event in Cebu

January 7, 2019
Salonika Cebu Services - featured

I am no fashion blogger nor a stylist mom. I admit that I don’t have a good sense of style, that I always go for the safe clothing design and color. Later last year though, I started trying to plan for my outfit once in a while. But I’m not that good when posing for cameras so if you check my Instagram feed, well, it’s not that impressive. Still, I’m proud of it because every photo is the REAL me. And it seems hard work paid off because I was one of the lucky bloggers who got an invite to the very first E! Bloggers ball in Cebu.

E bloggers ball invite

E! Bloggers ball is the gathering of the top social media influencers. So who wouldn’t feel surprised and happy after receiving this??? I was ecstatic but after a few minutes, I then started to worry about my outfit, my look, etc. With the help of my bestfriend, I loved my chosen dress, earrings and heels, all bought at the last night before the event. Lucky me, we found all that we needed, it was indeed a last-minute shopping!

So the outfit was solved thank God, next was the makeup. 11 AM of Oct. 6, I still was undecided what salon to choose. My husband was very kind in making the decision for me. After some research, he chose SALONICA Hair Lounge and booked a reservation.

Upon arriving, we were welcomed by a very friendly front desk staff. She assisted us in the area where I can have my nails done and asked us what drinks we liked (yes they offer unlimited iced tea, coffee, so thoughtful right?). The salon gave me a homey feeling and I loved the interiors, everything!

Salonika Cebu

When the time came to have my make-up done, I told the staff what hairstyle I liked and I let them work their magic for everything. Never had a boring moment with them, they’re all very friendly. The salon also has a small room where I was able to change my outfit. After 1.5 hours, tada!!!!

Salonika Cebu 3


And here I was during the E! Bloggers Ball!!!

Theme: Luxury Resort Wear
Dress: People are people
Heels: Primadonna
Clutch bag: SM Accessories
Earrings: Forever21

Ebloggers Cebu

Ebloggers Cebu 2


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Ready now! 😍 #ebcebubloggersball #grweb #cebubloggers

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I was indeed a satisfied client that day! For those asking, below is the contact details of SALONICA Hair Lounge:
Contact Number: 384-2010
Address: Mahogany Place, Pope John Paul II Ave. Cebu City 6000

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