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5 Ways Parents Can Make Some Extra Money Online

August 3, 2018

We all know that life is tough and we parents feel it more because of our never-ending responsibilities for the family. Starting from the moment we see that positive result in the pregnancy test, the plan of doubling or tripling the income will be a requirement to make ends meet.

Making money online today is not difficult. However, it requires proper skills and discipline, it requires a lot of work. There are actually hundreds of ways, but I am listing here the most common ways and resources.

1. Work-at-Home Companies

Four months after I gave birth to Martina, I tried my luck to look for online jobs because there’s no way I could go back in an office job without a nanny for the kids and leaving a baby at home who doesn’t know how to drink from a bottle. So I tried searching and below were some of the websites I found. I found my luck using the first website and I had a very good experience with them.


Most jobs you can find from these websites are those that require skills in web designing, coding and development, writing, internet marketing, online teaching and service support. Once you have the skills needed, as long as you have a laptop/desktop and a reliable internet connection, you’re good to apply.

2. Blogging/Vlogging

If your passion is to write and share stories about your life, travels, ideas, hobbies, skills, etc., then you can start creating your own blog. Purchasing a domain and hosting requires money but if you don’t have a budget, you can start with under a Wordpress domain. However, with these free domains, your possibility to earn money is very much limited. If you ask me, securing your own domain is like purchasing a house online. And just like owning your own house, you can do whatever you want (legit ways) to make a profit from it. My blog is now 3 years old and thankfully, I’m now earning from it. Not much but at least I’m making a good amount to buy other stuff. So here’s how I earn from my blog:

  • Be a Brand ambassador/Brand influencer (only possible once you have started to establish your brand)
  • Sponsored posts featuring a product (cash or product as payment)
  • Guest posts – posting a content written by other people
  • Link Placement – adding links in already written content
  • Affiliate Marketing and Banner Ads – money from Google Adsense, Amazon, Lazada belong here.

In terms of Vlogging, all you need is consistency when it comes to posting. Just be real to your followers, think of ways to go viral and sooner or later, you’ll see an improvement. However, earning from Vlogging is harder these days, especially that Youtube has just updated their guidelines.

3. Sell Your Things

Got a lot of things at home which you no longer use? The easiest way to destash them is through online selling. Here in the Philippines, below are the websites you can use in selling your old stuff:

  • Your own Facebook profile or page

sell you stuff online


4. Sell Your Skills and Creations

Got a talent with crafts? Then try making more and sell your creation online. Fred and I tried the craft business before, we lasted 2 years and yes, we were able to earn from it. You can use the websites above (under no. 3) to sell your products. If it’s your skills and talents that you’re promoting, like teaching how to play musical instruments, you can do that by having a Facebook page and Youtube channel as well.

5. Take a Risk

Once you have extra money and you’re the type of person who’s willing to take a risk, there are online websites which give you the possibility to grow it. Remember though that before trying any of these, make sure you’re using only your extra money and that you have already established your family’s emergency funds.

  • Stocks Investment – The good thing about the internet these days is that you can be your own broker when it comes to investing in stocks. All you need is an account from a reliable broker website, basic knowledge in stocks,  and money. You can check it whenever you want and build your own strategy. Here are some of the websites you can use:,, and among others.
  • Online Casino – If you like playing in a casino, then you can try using legit online casino websites which you can find here  This website not only gives you legit resources and tips, it also lets you deposit bonus codes for casino sites. The good thing about playing online is that you can play in the comfort of your home. Again, there are many considerations before trying this path so make sure you have enough financial resources.

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