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Happy New Year! Here’s Why I’m More Inspired to Blog This 2019!

January 5, 2019
BCBA 2018 Persoal blog winner 1

Remember my post last year about me being nominated and listed as one of the finalists of BCBA 2018 under Personal blog category?  Well, guess what! I won!!! Yey!!! And yes, I certainly did not expect it but I’m very much thankful I got the award! It was really a very great year-ender for my blogging career. Because of the award and because I was able to attend more events and worked with 3 brand ambassadorships, I can really say that 2018 was my year where I am convinced that I am at the right path.


BCBA 2018 Persoal blog winner 1


BCBA 2018 Persoal blog winner


So for 2019, I’m looking forward to more disciplined me when it comes to following blogging schedules and of course, develop more effective blogging strategies and gain new followers and online friends. If you’re not yet a follower of me and my family, please do check out our Iway Diaries social media accounts below and click Like, Follow and Subscribe! Thank you and may we all have a blessed 2019!

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