My Family’s Favorite GrabFood Everyday Value Meals

October 5, 2022
Grabfood P99 meals

As a mom who not only works at home but also do homeschooling for the kids, there are certainly days in a week where I rely on GrabFood to save time. Thankfully, there’s no need for my family to spend a lot because of GrabFood’s “EATS ALL P99+” feature. With Everyday Value Meals, we can confidently order meals even with a tight budget. 

In my location, my family’s happy to see almost all our favorites in the selection:

Here are my family’s ALL-Time Favorites:

  1. Tagala Chicken Butterfly – breast part costs P85 but you can order other chicken parts for as low as P25. You can also request for crumbs which my husband likes.
Tagalas Chicken Butterfly Cebu

2. Tiktilaok Roasted Chicken – we ordered half which costs P185, value meals are also available for as low as P95!

Tiktilaok Roasted Chicken

3. Mily’s Siomai and Steamed Rice – Dim sum dishes is one of my kids’ favorite, thankfully Mily’s steamed rice costs only P82, siomai for only P48 and chicken feet for only P57!

Mily’s Siomai and Steamed Rice

4. Starcube K Street Food Silog and Milktea – husband and I were craving for some Kimbap and Spicy noodles, happy to see affordable choices at Starcube! Their Rappoki spicy noodles cost P129 and their bacon cheese kimbap costs only P149. They also have value meals for as low as P119!

Starcube K Street Food Silog and Milktea

5. Ned Nanay’s Grill – they sell the most affordable pork barbecue in Grab which costs only P12, chicken breast barbecue at P96 and their pinakbet which we really loved is only P156.

Ned Nanay’s Grill

I know that everything has increased these days in terms of prices but worry not because there are still a lot of affordable choices in GrabFood. Whether you’re ordering because of your busy schedule or just craving for something, find your affordable favorites today using the  “EATS ALL P99+” tile!

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