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Beat Boredom on a Rainy Day – Try These Indoor Activities With Kids

September 29, 2017
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Rain brings amazing benefits but let’s admit it, it also has some disadvantages. For parents, rainy season means two things: less outdoor activities and kids are prone to sickness. Most of the time, our enjoyable weekends at the outdoors and short trips to the malls are swapped with simple moments at home during this season. So to keep kids busy and have fun, here are the indoor activities to beat the rainy day boredom. Trust me, it won’t cost you anything.

1. Play with Kids
Kids nowadays, if not busy with studies, they’re sitting somewhere in the house using their gadgets or watching TV. Louise is no different from these kids which is why the toys I bought for her are only played occasionally. However, whenever we’re stuck at home on a rainy day, we try to include pretend play as one of our options. Actually, lack of toys is never an issue in this activity, all you need is a little bit of imagination.

pretend play Louise


2. Time For Some Arts and Crafts
Craft essentials are abundant in our home, especially those that are needed to make headbands and tutus. As for art materials, we always have crayons and coloring books ready. So if ever the weather won’t cooperate, it’s time for us to spark creativity! Check out this wig I made out of yarn, pretty dandy for kids’ Rapunzel costume, right?

crafty mommy

Louise drawing


3. Kill Time with Household Chores
If we’re not in the mood for some creative and imaginative activities, we always have household chores on our list. Doing them is not fun though for most people, but for us Mommies who want to maintain our sanity, we have to embrace it! And yes, we can make it more fun by involving our kids. It’s also the perfect time to introduce them to the brands we trust.

  • Cooking & Washing Dishes

I occasionally cook but when I have time to do it, I noticed Louise is already starting to get curious, watching me and asking questions. I remember cooking the steak shown below, I lost count the why’s and what’s from my chatty little girl -“Why put oil?”, “What’s Silver Swan?” and so on. She’s 5 now, I guess she’s ready to do more in the kitchen than just banging the spoon on the table.

Mommy Hannah Steak


  • Cleaning the floor

Right now, I think this is Louise’s favorite household chore. Rainy day or not, I can see her mopping or sweeping the floor whenever she feels like doing it.

  • Laundry

OK, so you’re probably reacting right now – “doing Laundry on a rainy day, with kids?”. I know your common concerns – clothes won’t dry easily, and there’s the ‘kulob’ smell after. In my case, the weather is not a problem when it comes to washing our clothes. I’ve been using Downy as fabric conditioner for more than a decade now, thanks to my Mom for the influence.  It’s always on top of my list when we buy groceries. My number 1 preference is Downy Antibac but sometimes I go for Downy Baby Gentle.

Buying downy at landers

What I love about Downy is that it has active components which make our clothes so soft and smell amazing. Also, Downy’s capability to help make the clothes dry quickly makes it better than any brand of fabric conditioner, very much helpful during rainy days. Our clothes still smell fresh even after letting them dry indoors.

Downy Antibac


Just recently, Downy’s newest variant ‘Sweetheart’ (Downy Pink) came out, which got me curious and tried it. Actually, I wasn’t the only one who got curious because Louise insisted to help with the laundry the other day and used it. So I gave her some clothes she can wash by herself. We’re using washing machine though but I believe kids like my Louise should start learning to wash using their hands first. Agree? Oh, look at her, feeling like a grown-up lady!

Louise washing clothes

Louise using Downy



4. Read Books or Just Goof Around
Louise only began loving books since the time she learned reading. But for kids with a very short attention span like her, 30 minutes is already long enough for them to hold the book. So what we do when she gets bored, turn to blankets and start goofing around. Tickle here, peek-a-boo after, all things that make them laugh.

Playing under the blanket



5. Use Gadget but Break a Sweat
Last but not the least, go for gadgets but with limitations. I let my kids use gadgets especially if they’re bored on a rainy day but only watching Youtube. I know they can’t resist dancing while watching their favorite music videos. Besides, dancing provides many benefits to children. And I really don’t mind if they’re sweating because their clothes smell fresh throughout the day, thanks to Downy.

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