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Cheap Finds at Toy Kingdom – Tea Set for Children’s Pretend Play

May 23, 2016
Toy Kingdom Tea Set - 1

Going to a shopping mall with a toddler or kid, most of the time, means spending money! You may end up seeing yourself babysitting inside the playroom, shopping for clothes and accessories in the children’s section or walking around for hours inside the Toy Kingdom or Toys R Us. Tiring as it may seem, this is what we enjoy as parents, right?

Honestly, with or without Louise, when Fred and I go to the mall, we still couldn’t help ourselves from buying a toy for our little princess. Last Saturday, after my weekly OB checkup, we went inside the Toy Kingdom store at SM. We don’t usually buy expensive toys for Louise, most of the time we just stick to the price of below Php500. Since our little girl loves pretend play these days which is good for her, we looked for a toy which she didn’t have yet in her collection. I’ve read online that by 3 years old, this is the age for tea parties, fairy castles and more. She loves watching tea parties in Youtube so this is what we looked for inside the store. Sticking to our budget, luckily we found a cheap tea set amounting only P349.75.


Toy Kingdom Tea Set - 1


It’s a tea set that can be played by 4. It has a tea pot with lid, sugar bowl with lid, creamer, four cups, four saucers, four teaspoons and 3 cakes of different shapes.

Toy Kingdom Tea Set


Oh look at Louise, she’s excited to see her new tea set!

Excited Kid to see her new toy


Happy kid for her new tea set


And let the tea time begin!

Pretend Play - Tea Time



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