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Best Financial Games For Kids and Kids at Heart

February 9, 2023
money games for kids

My kids’ Math lesson this quarter is about money. They love playing games online so I decided to search for resources that have money games. For those new to my blog, I am currently homeschooling my two daughters. And as a homeschool mom, Google and Youtube are my partners in this journey. Most resources that I found have ads in them but I think I got lucky when I landed at Mortgage Calculator Money Games.

Aside from no ads, it’s a browser-based game website, which is a good thing to help my kids love using a laptop (they prefer using their tablets for almost everything they do online). Here are the business games that I let my daughters play:

  1. Grocery Cashier

I remember buying my eldest daughter a cash register toy when she was little because she loved pretending to be a cashier. In fact, she loves going to the supermarket, and almost all of her PBA activities are done doing groceries. She got excited when I let her play this game. According to her, she felt like a real cashier with a lot of customers waiting! The time limit challenged her typing speed but it’s good that there’s no target score to proceed. She got two goals while playing this game – to increase her money while hitting the allotted time.

Below was her highest score:

2. Idle Pet Business

My eldest loves pet animals. Recently, when I ask her what she wants to become in the future, her answer is always “To be a Vet”. So here’s a game I shared with her and as expected, she liked it! It may be an idle game but with it, she’s able to operate a pet store, decide where to invest money and whether to get some upgrades. It’s quite tempting to upgrade to increase earnings, I even lost $10M just for upgrades

3. Ice Cream Bar

Ice Cream Bar is a simulation game that my youngest daughter loves. I chose it for her because she loves ice cream. Now, here’s the funny part. I played the game first but got confused in the middle. My daughter said she wanted to try, and lo and behold! It seemed to me she knows the game already!!! It was her first time encountering this game but I guess with all the games she played in Roblox, she easily understood the rules.

Anyway, I think among the 3 games I tried, Ice cream bar was the most challenging. One needs to prepare the exact pattern of ice cream ordered and must be given to the customers within the time limit. Martina’s clicking speed and recognition of ice cream patterns were tested, and she already found Level 2 a bit difficult. She wants to practice more so she can finally unlock the strawberry ice cream.

Visit now and try the money games yourself. Play it with your kids, nieces and nephews, for sure, they’ll find one or more games enjoyable from the website.

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