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April 15, 2018
Mon's Grill Mahayag

If you have visited any of the Halo-halo stores in Labangon, Cebu City, you might have thought that you’ve already tasted the best halo-halo in the country.  But when I tried the special Halo-halo at Mon’s Grill Mahayag, everything has changed for me,  my family now has a new no. 1 favorite. Too bad it’s just far from us though (please please open one branch here in Cebu City!!). By the way, Halo-halo is a popular Filipino dessert consisting of shaved ice, evaporated milk, ice cream, and various mix-ins.

Mon's Grill Mahayag Location

Mon’s Grill is a Filipino restaurant located in Mahayag, Zamboanga del Sur. It is best known for their Halo-halo. My family had a road trip last week from our hometown in Parang, Maguindanao to Dapitan City. Passing through the town of Mahayag, we decided to have a stopover at the restaurant. My brother-in-law is familiar with the place because he lived just a short distance from there, he was the one who told us about this must-try Halo-halo.

Upon entering the place, here’s what welcomed us, a big space that can accommodate probably a hundred persons, perfect for large family or ‘barkada’ gatherings.

Mons Grill Mahayag location


And this one’s our favorite, their Wall Art with their brand name and structure Halo-halo. We had fun taking photos there while waiting for our order.

Mons Grill Mahayag

Mon's Grill Mahayag and Iway Family

Mons Grill Mahayag with Family


We did not wait that long before our order arrived, I guess they really have everything prepared and always ready to accommodate a large number of people. Mons Grill Mahayag with Family2


Now let’s talk about Mon’s Grill Halo-halo. I was given with this one and honestly, I felt disappointed at first. At first glance, I only saw ice, flakes and ice cream on top.

Mons Grill Halohalo


But lo and behold, after mixing everything, I had this!!! Every ingredient we expected in a Halo-halo were there and seriously, it tasted very very very good!!!!  Unlike other stores na ‘parang tinipid’,  Mon’s Grill really has done great with their Halo-halo, I could easily taste the leche flan, jackfruit and coconut. Honestly, it left me wanting for more, too bad we needed to leave and continue our travel.

Mons Grill Halohalo when shake


Before leaving, I was able to take a photo of their menu, prices are not bad. They also have their other ‘merienda’ specialties, perfect for pasalubong. Another menu we’ve tried was their Bihon Guisado. My father who’s a great cook at home and rarely appreciates restaurant food really loved the taste, even regretted why he did not buy many for takeout!

Mon's Grill Mahayag pasalubong


So that’s our Mons’ Grill experience. On their Facebook page, I saw they ran a survey, asking people for the suggested location of their next branch. Cebu was included, I just hope they will really open here so we can taste their famous Halo-halo without going to Mindanao. Right now, they have branches in Pagadian, Ozamis, Davao, and Ipil.

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