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About Mommy Hannah Iway and my Blog


About Mommy Hannah Iway

I am a mother to 4-year old Louise and baby Martina, a wife to Fred who’s a web developer (he maintains this blog). I am a working mom and a crafter, I love doing DIY stuff and accessories for babies as they’re fun and effective stress-reliever.

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Why I started blogging?
I want to share more of our family stories than what I just post on Facebook. Also, Fred and I have been working in the SEO industry for 8 years now and counting, it would be exciting to apply everything we’ve learned to our own site.

Why follow Iwaydiaries.com?
We’re just a family of 4 living a simple life. We are not rich but we don’t allow this fact to hinder us from enjoying life and reaching our simple dreams.

I know most of you can relate to us so what works for us might be applicable for you as well. Every worth-sharing product and place that we’ve tried,  we’ll share it here. From saving ideas to traveling tips with a kid, mommies or singles – you’ll definitely enjoy reading our blog.

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Stories you can expect from IwayDiaries.com:

This is a mommy blog so everything here is about my family and my journey through motherhood. However, I prefer to share only the good and fun side of us. We all have life and family issues, I don’t want to ruin your precious hours online (chuckle).

Dine and unwind – we’re not frequent travelers and diners but anything we do to unwind are all shared here. I’m not a food/travel blogger but at least, our stories can give you an idea of how the place looks or how the food tastes for an ordinary people like us.

Reviews & Thoughts – Whenever I try a product (including kids toys, clothing, etc.), a service or perhaps a tip I learned from others which is worth sharing, expect those stories to be shared here.

Money Matters – as parents, Fred and I want to achieve financial independence for our family. In this category, we share all the smart path we’re taking for us to finally say “we’re secured, contented and happy!”.

Life Notes – paranoid mother, bad-tempered wife, shy woman, busy friend,  proud breastfeeding mother, you name it! I am sharing my struggles and sweet moments here!

Kids World– From Louise’s and Martina’s simple milestones up to their lives in school, this section definitely reflects how good parents we are haha! Just joking! We’re not perfect parents but we’re trying to be the best for our kids.

Craft time – this is our portfolio, showing to you our lovely creations, hand-crafted with love, sweat and fun emotions! Our projects can be seen in our online shop.


Every story here reflects what we do as a family, what we are and what we have. Have fun reading!


Note: We love to collaborate with brands and do sponsored posts. Feel free to contact us if you would like to work with us.


I'm a BS Statistics graduate who settled working in the world of SEO. I was a corporate slave for 8 years, now a WAHM who juggles work and motherhood. Get to know more about our family here .

For inquiries, collaborations or advertisements, drop me an email at hannahsheilaibanez@gmail.com.



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Dine and Unwind
Feeling Young
Life Notes
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