My Take on the Promise Catering Services – Affordable Caterer in Cebu

promise catering in cebu

Last August 7, 2016, we finally had our Martina baptized in a Catholic church. The event preparation for a breastfeeding mother like me (with no yaya) was not easy. From making the tutu dress myself for the reception to finalizing the venue and catering details, it really stressed me out for few weeks. Thankfully, months before the event, we...

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Posted Date: August 30th, 2016 by: Hannah IwayFood

Baptism at Sacred Heart Parish in Cebu – Schedule and Requirements

Sacred Heart Parish - Cebu

  Sacred Heart Parish is one of the most popular churches for weddings and baptisms in Cebu. Fred and I even planned of getting married here but for some reasons, we ended marrying at Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral. So for our babies' baptisms, we really made sure one of them should be baptized here. Our first-born Louise was...

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Posted Date: August 27th, 2016 by: Hannah IwayMotherhood

Don Benito’s Cassava Cake and Pichi-Pichi – Mouth-watering Filipino Desserts

Don Benitos Pricelist in Cebu

It was one hot Saturday afternoon when Fred and I went to Oakridge Pavillion to buy some breastfeeding essentials. On our way home, we stopped at Don Benito's Cassava Cake and Pichi-Pichi (Mandaue branch). I was pregnant and craving for cassava cake when I've read about this shop online. Fred wasn't able to buy this for me due to his hectic...

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Posted Date: August 20th, 2016 by: Hannah IwayFood

Family Bonding at Lantaw Native Restaurant, SRP Cebu

Lantaw SRP at night

It's been four days since my parents went home to our province in Mindanao but I missed them so much already. Wow, it seems age is really just a number and deep inside our hearts, we're still that kid longing for our parents' love and care! So during their stay here, we made it to the point to spend all our time bonding with them. Knowing...

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Posted Date: August 18th, 2016 by: Hannah IwayFood

Family Dinner at Paolito’s (SM Seaside Branch)

Family Dinner at Paolito's

Our home is located near SM Seaside Cebu but I could only count the times that we've been to this place, thanks to my laziness due to pregnancy and now with my baby nursing excuses. So when my parents visited us last week, even though I was having a UTI, how could I say no? Louise was one of the happiest kid that day as we spent our afternoon...

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Posted Date: August 16th, 2016 by: Hannah IwayFood

Our Version of Newborn Photography and Sibling Photography

Sibling photo

When Louise was born, we already had our DSLR camera. But being first-time parents, Fred and I were always tired and exhausted to think about taking photos. The first few weeks were like a roller coaster ride, one minute we're happy, then next we're worried about everything. Even the simplest cry of our baby made us nervous. So for our...

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Posted Date: July 21st, 2016 by: Hannah IwayKids

What to Pack For Your Hospital Bag – Preparing for Delivery

hospital bag essentials

OK, so this post is a little late for me because I already delivered my baby and even shared my birth story here. However, if you're pregnant and you landed here, then I guess you're like me who likes to do research about pregnancy and baby stuff. Every pregnant woman knows how painful labor and childbirth are. The funny thing though is...

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Posted Date: July 2nd, 2016 by: Hannah IwayMotherhood


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