Marcus Marcus Toddler Mealtime Set Review and Giveaway

Posted Date: February 6th, 2018 by: Hannah IwayKids

When it comes to food and eating, Martina is really Louise’s opposite. Unlike her Ate, she shows no sign of being a picky-eater. She eats any food that we give to her, remembers the packaging (acts as if reading the brand before eating) and like an adult, she also has her favorites.

When our Yaya left last month, I searched for a product that can help me do other stuff in the house while letting Martina eat by herself. And that’s when I found the Marcus Marcus Toddler Mealtime Set.

Without second thoughts, I ordered online from Milk and Honey. The following are the features that I loved about this product:

  • Bowl has a strong suction base – this prevents a child to spill the food or remove the bowl from the table.
  • Made of silicone rubber – this makes the product unbreakable (Martina loves to throw things that’s why I have to resort to this kind of material).
  • Two easy grip handles for child’s easy holding of the bowl.
  • Cute palm grasp spoon and fork which are perfect for child’s hands.
  • Freezer, microwave and steam-sterilizer safe.


Marcus Marcus Toddler Mealtime Set is available in 4 different colors and each color has  a different design of spoon and fork:

  • Red with Marcus the Lion design
  • Pink with Pokey the Pig
  • Green with Ollie the Elephant
  • Yellow with Lola the Giraffe

For Martina, I chose the pink one. As you can see, she’s loving it and very comfortable in handling the spoon and fork.

Marcus Marcus Toddler Meal Time Set (1)

Marcus Marcus Toddler Meal Time Set (3)

Marcus Marcus Mealtime Set (4)


The grip is also strong for a child. Martina wanted more of her baby puffs here so she tried pouring some. Amazingly, she wasn’t able to move the bowl.

Marcus Marcus Mealtime Set (1)


And as for my first giveaway this year, I ordered one more Marcus Marcus Toddler Mealtime Set for ONE of my lucky followers. The color is red, perfect for boys and girls. Joining is very easy, please see below:

Iway Diaries Giveaway Feb 2018



  1. Must be a follower and liker of our IwayDiaries Facebook Page.
  2. Follow IwayDiaries and IwaySisters on Instagram.
  3. On Instagram, post a photo of your child who’s eating and caption it with “I want to have a Marcus Marcus Mealtime Set for my baby because … (your answer)”.
  4. Use the hashtag #IwayDiariesGiveaways and tag 3 of your friends.



  1. Strictly non-giveaway account.
  2. Set your Instagram account to Public.
  3. This giveaway will run from February 6 to February 16, 2018.
  4. Open to Philippine residents only.
  5. Winner will be announced the next day.

Goodluck Everyone!

Update: Congratulations to our winner @kriziafidele!!!


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