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DIY ‘To-Do List Board’ – Craft Project for a Lazy Sunday

Posted Date: April 20th, 2016 by: Hannah IwayCraft Time

Consider this as a late post of mine. I got bored on a Sunday afternoon last month so I decided to do some craft work. It was the time when I couldn’t decide on something else to do but my mind was actually very busy thinking of our schedules before the big day (my due date). And so right there and then, it hit me, I need to get my own to-do-list.

I can always write it in my notes (I always have several notebooks) but as a wife, I also need to discuss to Fred my schedules. Agree mommies? And this is where it’s tiring for me, because whenever I talk to him, sometimes his mind is as busy thinking of something else as my mouth. So yeah, a to-do-list hanging on the wall will make my life easier right now. He just needs to check it every now and then, no need for me to discuss further!

I found this on Facebook which I like, so simple and very easy to create.

DIY to-do-list board


Gathering all the materials available to me, I made my own version of it. I don’t have a wood so I used board paper.

Materials needed for DIY to-do-list board



  • Glue gun
  • Washi tapes
  • wooden clips
  • Board paper
  • Felt cloth
  • scissor


Instead of painting/coloring the wooden clips, I used washi tapes to cover them. I cut the board paper depending on the size I wanted, then the felt. Using glue gun, I assemble everything following the original to-do-list board from Facebook. I then came up of this one, my version:

My own version of to-do-list scheduler


Without wasting any time, I then posted some reminders for Fred:

my scheduler - iwaydiaries


This took me around 30 minutes to finish, definitely made my boring Sunday afternoon productive!


  • Carol Clark says:

    If ever you will be doing a workshop in creating nice crafts like this, put me on the list or reserve me a spot.hehehehe Good job!!!

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